Why Are More People Turning To Natural Deodorant Products?

natural Deodorant 60g

People have been using natural products to control perspiration and mask odours for centuries, so it seems ironic that they are regarded as a modern wellness trend. However, the benefits of natural deodorants over regular products for odour and sweat control mean that this is one trend that will not be confined to an overnight TikTok sensation.

Here’s a brief look at the history of deodorants, and why you might like to consider switching to a more natural alternative if you are looking for a change from your usual stand-by. 

Saying no to BO

It probably goes without saying that the human race has not always enjoyed the standards of hygiene and cleanliness that most of us aspire to today. Smelling of BO is regarded as socially unacceptable in most walks of life, and the majority of us do our best to maintain high standards of personal care so that we are always reasonably fresh and fragrant.

Of course, this is much easier now we live in the era of indoor bathrooms, instant hot water, washing machines, and a dazzling choice of personal hygiene products. However, there is evidence that humans have always used natural ingredients to mask body odour, which develops when sweat mingles with bacteria on the skin.  

For example, the ancient Egyptians used waxes and essential oils to bask themselves in pleasant aromas. This was possibly also a sign of status, as it showed that they had the time, money, and servants to attend to such matters. The Romans also took personal hygiene seriously, and were the first to develop running hot water and public baths. 

The first deodorant

It wasn’t until the late 19th century that the world’s first commercial deodorant was introduced in the USA, a product called MUM that is still available in some form today. In the 1940s, the roll-on underarm deodorant was developed, and by the 1960s it was possible to buy spray-on products that combined antiperspirants and deodorants. 

How do deodorants and antiperspirants work? 

Deodorants work by temporarily killing the odour-causing bacteria on the skin, but many commercial products are alcohol based, which can increase the amount of sweat produced. They often also contain synthetic fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin. 

Many commercial antiperspirants contain aluminium compounds, which temporarily block the sweat glands. This is not always beneficial because sweating is the body’s method of cooling itself, and interfering with this natural process may cause discomfort, particularly in very hot weather or during intense exercise. 

There are also concerns that aluminium in antiperspirants may be a factor in diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, although research into this is currently ongoing. 

What are the benefits of natural deodorants?

Natural deodorants do not block the sweat glands or contain synthetic ingredients such as parabens and aluminium that can irritate the skin. Instead, they contain natural antibacterial properties and fragrances that have been used for centuries. 

They are also available in a variety of beautiful essential oil fragrance combinations such as lime and sage