We are Zeljko and Ana Bozic, the husband and wife team who started The Clay Cure Co. UK. We founded our company based on a calling to honour the Earth. We came across a rare original copy of the book OUR EARTH OUR CURE (L'argile qui guérit) by the French Naturopath Raymon Dextreit,. Amazed and intrigued by what we read, we started trying the clay ourselves and felt its subtle and deep effects on our own lives. The more we used the clay, the more we transformed, and recognised the truth of what we were studying, and the more interested we became. We started to recognise a mission to bring these ancient healing practices back into vogue.

At our unit all our personal care products, from tooth powder, natural deodorant to shampoo are all based and made with natural ingredients. We have found that these clays and salts of the earth work better than man-made chemical alternatives. Since we started using the clay internally and on our skin, our bodies have become palpably different. Softer, clearer, more relaxed and vital. Clay has allowed us to feel so much more connected to Mother Earth, and every day we are in conscious gratitude at having clay in our lives.

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Why our bodies love clay:

It balances : A balanced body is designed to heal itself. You could say that clay is intelligent earth. It is made up of nano crystals. Crystals are capable of memory, reorganisation and holding energy. Clay communicates with the body and acts as needed: it is homeostatic and strives to return the body to a state of wellness.

It detoxifies : Clay has strongly negatively charged ions that pull, hold and capture positive charged ions which are found in toxin viruses, mould, yeast , heavy metals, and radiation. This is made possible by its tremendous absorption and adsorption capacity.

It stimulates : It can promote blood flow and oxygenation, stimulating circulation and the flow of energy necessary for cellular revitalisation and repair. it awakens latent cell energy.

It alkalises : Clay has a high alkaline Ph, in the 8.5 to 10. Range. Internally calcium bentonite clay works from the mouth, down through the alimentary canal, providing a very effective cleansing and detoxing capability even though it is not absorbed through the colon wall into the bloodstream.

It nourishes : Since it is naturally very high in mineral content and trace elements clay can be used as a naturally occurring mineral supplement. Research shows that the way that the minerals and trace elements are found within clay is in the exact balanced ratio that the body needs for perfect assimilation.

What our clients say

I am new to The Clay Cure Co. & received my first tub of Lemon Tea Tree body powder today. I love it and it smells heavenly, Will definitely be ordering more.

Mike N Bry Collins

I love my new lavender deodorant! It's mild and kept my underarm dry all day with a pleasant light scent from lavender.

Olga Gerogiann

OMG - The BEST deodorant ever! I have been a sweaty betty since my teens and at 55 I have a bathroom chock full of natural - aluminium free deodorants that just don't work and now I've found this amazing stuff - thank you thank you thank you

Marion Bevington

Bought their lavender deodorant as wanted a plastic and cruelty free product. No whiffy armpits after riding my horse or rushing to work - a miracle !

Hels Bells

I'm usually one for not sticking with the same products, but since trying TCC's deodorants, I'm hooked, and I've bought a coupe for my partner! Lots of scents to choose from, and very effective. I also love the fact that the products are low waste, with most/all of it being recyclable.

Laura Héloïse
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