Activated Charcoal

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ACTIVATED CHARCOAL From Coconut shell  Food - Grade

Discover the power of activated charcoal – Pure, Natural, and Vegan.

  • Teeth Whitener: Achieve a brighter smile naturally.
  • Face Mask: Enhance your skincare routine with our versatile product.
  • Body Detoxification: Support your overall well-being with gentle detoxification.

Dating back to 1550 BC, activated charcoal has been recognized for its medicinal properties. Throughout history, North American Indians utilized it for various ailments such as bruises, inflammation, and skin infections. Moreover, activated charcoal is known to contribute to lowering blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipids.

In emergencies like poisoning, activated charcoal serves as a critical intervention worldwide.

Did you know? A teaspoon of activated charcoal boasts a surface area of approximately 10,000 square feet, effectively adsorbing poisons, heavy metals, chemicals, and intestinal gases. Its remarkable detoxification properties extend to pharmaceuticals, pesticides, mercury, and lead.

Our food-grade activated charcoal functions by trapping toxins, heavy metals, and chemical residues within its tiny pores through the adsorption process – a chemical reaction binding elements to its surface.

For over 3000 years, activated charcoal, a carbon-based substance, has been revered for its health benefits. Derived from various sources, including wood and vegetables, activated carbon's porous nature enables it to filter toxins from water and the human body effectively.

Activated charcoal is often used to alleviate a range of digestive conditions, with many of our customers noting positive outcomes for temporary issues like upset stomachs and chronic ailments such as colitis and IBS.

Preventing and treating upset stomachs.

Suggested Dosage: 

For adults and children over 12 years old, disperse one teaspoon in a glass of water and take after meals by mouth up to 3 times a day. Never take activated charcoal at the same time of day as other supplements. Allow at least a 2-hour gap between uses.

Important Notes when Using Activated Charcoal:

  • Consult your health practioner before using activated charcoal if you are taking medications,  as it may interact with certain drugs.
  • Ensure you drink plenty of water while using activated charcoal to prevent dehydration.
  • Combine activated charcoal with a good fibre source such as psyllium powder or celery seed powder to facilitate its passage through the intestines and effectively eliminate the faeces.
  • Taking activated charcoal before bedtime and 3-4 hours after eating dinner is advisable for optimal results.