Schindele’s Mineralien™ 400g
Schindele’s Mineralien™ 400g
Schindele’s Mineralien™ 400g
Schindele’s Mineralien™ 400g

Schindele’s Mineralien™ 400g

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Schindele’s Minerals is a powder preparation that provides minerals and traces elements with all the benefits they have for health.


The need for these elements to maintain good health has been scientifically proven many times. Minerals and trace elements are essential catalysts that allow vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients to perform their vital roles in the body and promote proper overall wellness.


Much of the ill-health and lack of vitality people complain of today can be traced to a deficiency in minerals and trace elements in our diets. Modern farming methods have depleted the natural mineral reserves of the soil and as a result, the foods we eat are increasingly deficient in the nutrient needed for the proper functioning of the body.



Silicic acid (64-69%), Silicon (2246 mg), Iron (4757 mg), Potassium (1453 mg), Calcium (1385 mg), Magnesium (1253 mg), Sodium (166 mg), Zinc (15 mg) , Chromium (10 mg), Molybdenum (0.5 mg).

Schindele’s Minerals have been certified as a Class medical device in accordance with ISO 13485 since April 2017


You should not exceed the recommended daily amount for an adult of 1

spoonful (measuring spoon included) per day.


Keep away from children.

Do not take at the same time as medication or homeopathic treatments –

Do not take with black or green tea, coffee or milk, as these can block iron uptake. Not within 1-2 hours

Do not take Vitamin E supplements or oils with a high Vitamin E content and minerals. Not within 1-2 hours

Drink plenty of liquids – stools may be black in colour as metabolised products and non-absorbable minerals, e.g. iron, may be excreted.


CAUTION ! People, who are suffering Haemochromatosis (iron overload disorder), must not take Schindele’s Minerals due to the high iron content.