Sodium Bicarbonate Natron
Sodium Bicarbonate Natron

Sodium Bicarbonate Natron

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Size: 250g


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Food Grade 

The little wonder with 1001 uses

Sodium Bicarbonate is a good substitute for commercial products used for bathing. It does not contain fragrances and chemicals, it is colorless and odorless, and it does not leave residues in the bathtub. It makes bath water alkaline and leaves the skin feeling silky.

With its natural pH neutralizing effects, sodium bicarbonate serves a variety of purposes. 

As such, sodium bicarbonate is used to treat a variety of conditions. It has medicinal properties and has been employed in the past as relief from scalding, burns and allergic reactions to a number of plants to relieve itching.

In personal hygiene, Sodium Bicarbonate is used as an additive to toothpaste where it is known to have whitening properties and can neutralise the acid in the mouth. 

Around the home is widely used as a cleansing agent, and added to washing machines to soften water and remove odours from clothing. It is particularly effective when diluted in warm water, at removing stubborn tea and coffee stains from cups and mugs. While sodium bicarbonate is a readily available product in most households, few individuals are aware of how many different ways this amazing product can be used.

Sodium bicarbonate is an effective treatment for a variety of health conditions. For more information, we highly recommend looking at the work of Dr Mark Sircus and his book Sodium Bicarbonate Nature Unique First Aid Remedy.


Our Sodium Bicarbonate Natron is:

  • Best Quality Food Grade.
  • 100% Pure & Additive Free.
  • Vegan.
  • Aluminium free.
  • Gluten-free baking soda.
  • Used in making fizzy bath bombs & bath salts.
  • Used in cleaning as a scourer and added to washing machines to soften water and remove odours from clothing. 

What Is sodium bicarbonate?

Sodium bicarbonate (IUPAC name: sodium hydrogen carbonate) is a chemical compound with the formula NaHCO3. It is a salt composed of sodium ions and bicarbonate ions. Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystalline but often appears as a fine powder. It has a slightly salty, alkaline taste resembling that of washing soda (sodium carbonate). The natural mineral form is nahcolite. It is a component of the mineral natron and is found dissolved in many mineral springs. It is among the European Union-encoded food additives, identified as E 500.

A variety of health aids, personal hygiene products and household cleaners on the market today are laced with toxic cleaners and other concerning substances. Sodium bicarbonate, on the other hand, is a natural chemical compound. From its use as a medicinal substitute to a household cleaning product, sodium bicarbonate is effective at restoring balance in the body and the home without harsh chemicals or toxins.

Sodium bicarbonate is a natural substance that helps regulate pH. This regulation keeps a substance from becoming too acidic or too alkaline, which is important in maintaining health.